Welcome to Insights From Our Farm

We’ve been growing for years and have made every mistake possible. From those mistakes we have learned so much. We are excited about educating others. We can tell you how to grow in any environment, outdoor greenhouse or indoor. We can tell you how to grow without chemicals or toxins. We specialize in low cost feeding programs and growing mediums. We know what equipment and supplies you need for indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse.


We will be discussing

  • Cloning & Starting Seeds
  • Choosing Hydro, Soil, or Coco
  • Nutrients & Watering
  • Organic Pest Control
  • System Choices
  • Harvesting & Curing
  • Trimming Flowers, Making Solvent-less Concentrates
  • Making Tinctures, Salves, Lotions & Edibles
  • Navigating this quasi legal state medical marijuana users and providers are facing.

We hope you find our work valuable. We look forward to helping patients and their caregivers.


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